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Lake Huron 1000 Application

© 2003, Iron Butt Association, Chicago, Illinois

The Lake Huron 1000 application may be reproduced and distributed as needed for personal or club use.

The Lake Huron 1000 is a ride around Lake Huron that must be 1,000 or more miles in 24 hours.

The rules are identical to those of a SaddleSore 1000, except you must document your ride around the perimeter of Lake Huron AND you must start and finish in the same city you started from (this must be a complete circle of the lake!)...

The SaddleSore 1000 rules are located at If you have any questions about this ride, you may write to the Iron Butt Association at P.O. Box 9450, Naperville, IL 60567-9450 USA or send e-mail to

Rider Tips

Bob Munden, one of the first people to complete this ride, offers the following tips about this ride:

In June you are in Black Fly Season and if you've never experienced them you have no idea what a problem they can be without the proper protection if you stop. By the end of June they may be over (depends on the weather) but you should be prepared in any case.

There is very little or no nightime gasoline availability along the north shore of either Lake Superior or Lake Huron except in major towns. It also can get quite cold up there especially if the wind is off the lake.

I recommend crossing the northern portion of the ride during the daylight for other reasons. The scenery is pretty nice and the likelyhood of animal strikes (deer/moose are a problem but a big racoon can knock you off the bike just about as quickly).

Checklist of documents needed for Iron Butt Association Lake Huron 1000

DOWNLOAD THE SADDLESORE 1000 RULES!  Use the SaddleSore 1000 rules and forms and 
then attach these documents on top of the SaddleSore logs and witness forms!

___ Copies of Witness forms (starting and ending, others) 

___ Copies of Receipts (do not send originals!)

___ Map (may be photocopy) showing route with towns stopped in circled

___ Explanation of any problems encountered, for example, "In central
    Wisconsin, at my third gas stop, I was unable to get a dated 
    receipt.  I asked the attendant to sign his name on the back
    but he refused to do so. The phone number of the station is
    (555) 555-1212 - he will verify that I was there at 10 a.m. 
    on August 4, 1997."

Also, please complete the following information for your certificate
(it goes to the person that does the certificate and not the verification 

Lake Huron 1000:


Please use the following fee schedule to calculate the cost of awards: 

Lake Huron 1000 certification (certificate only)                $40.00

Lake Huron 1000 pin if desired:                                 $ 8.50

Lake Huron 1000 patch if desired:                               $ 8.75

World's Toughest Riders plate back if desired:                  $ 6.50


Lake Huron 1000 certificate, LM1000 PATCH, IBA plate back $49.00 (savings of $2.30 over individual pricing) Lake Huron 1000 PIN if desired: $ 8.50 Total Enclosed: ____________ Address to mail certificates to: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Contact phone number(s), best time to reach you: _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ If you have one, your e-mail address: ___________________________ Have you ever completed an Iron Butt Association ride before? ________ Name you want on certificate: ___________________________________ (for example, Jonathan J. Smith, SR or John Smith) Your age (only used for statistics): _________ Circle One (only used for statistics): Male Female Did you do this ride with anyone else? Y/N If so, who: ______________________________________________________________ Date of start: ___________________ (for example, January 5, 2001) Motorcycle make/model ridden: _______________________________ Note: this is used on your certificate. For example, do you want us to list your Honda Gold Wing as a Honda GL1500 or do you want us to list it as a Honda Gold Wing. You may also include a model year if you want, for example; 1993 Honda Gold Wing. NOTE: If you are applying for both a SaddleSore and BunBurner, please indicate mileages for both rides and start/end and mid point cities for both rides (you can do this on this part of the form or duplicate this page with the information). Miles Ridden according to your odometer: _______________________ Note: These will probably be changed by the verification team. If you used a GPS (Global Positioning Device) and noted your mileage, please enter that reading here: _______________________ Cities/towns your route included: NOTE: The following is used only for the people that do the certificates to make them more understandable. Try and answer the following questions to make your certificate reflect your ride. Sample wording of a Lake Huron 1000 Certificate (please keep this format in mind as you answer the following questions): This is to Certify that on September 7, 2002, Dan Hoag rode a BMW R1100RSE a total of 1,099 grueling miles in less than twenty-four hours during a Circle Tour around Lake Huron starting in Sudbury, Ontario continuing on to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan before returning to Sudbury while participating in the SaddleSore 1000. Name of start AND end city: ______________________________________ Note: for the **certificate** you may substitute a large city nearby if you want); for example, if you start in DesPlaines, Illinois, (a suburb of Chicago), it is acceptable to put Chicago as the starting point for the certificate. Your certificate will highlight up to two cities as midpoints. Please list UP TO TWO cities that helps highlight your route for your certificate: ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Note: Some of these cities may be listed on your certificate and the same rules apply to these cities as noted above. For example, we might want to say, Jerry Jones started in New York, New York continued onto Daytona Beach, Florida before ending her ride in Little Rock, Arkansas. Please note that this is only an attempt to make your certificate more readable - do not stop 60 miles short of Los Angeles and expect us to create a certificate that reads Los Angeles. This is to make the certificates more readable so that when you display them, your riding friends will better grasp the immense ride you took. Finally, you must certify that what you are telling us is accurate: I (print name): _____________________________, hereby certify that the statements in this application for certification are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Signed: _________________________ Date: ___________ Send the package, along with a check for US funds to (PLEASE DO NOT USE A STAPLE ON YOUR CHECK) to: Iron Butt Association P.O. Box 9450 Naperville, IL 60567-9450 DO NOT send CASH! Please contact if you are from outside of North America and need alternate means of payment! Finally, should you decide to tackle the SaddleSore or Bun-Burner, we wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing about your ride!