The Leap Year 1000/1600K/BB1500/BBG - When 365 days a year to ride are not enough!

Full size version of sample Leap Year 1000 certificate

The Ride - Rules

2020 brings a special gift - a leap year with an extra day to ride.

Yes, yes, yes, it is called the Leap Year 1000 but with an added IBA twist, you can only claim this special certificate by riding on leap day - our 2020 bonus day to ride. You can start your ride on February 28 or 29, but at least 50% of your ride must be completed on leap day 2020, that is February 29th.

So what does at least 50% mean? For a 16 hour SS1600K, that would be at least 800K AND 8 hours on the 29th. For a 1,500 mile Bun Burner ride you anticapate will take 30 hours, you need to have at least 750 and 15 hours on the 29th.

Standard documentation rules for your class of ride should be used.

Refer to SaddleSore/Bun Burner/BBG Documentation for more details on the standard SaddleSore rides. All normal ride rules, and ride certification requirements remain the same as always (this is a specialty certificate SS1000/SS1600K/BB1500/BBG).

This is a certificate only program (no pins or patches are available at this time) for the standard certification fee of $40.

Our special thanks for an amped-up 2020 Leap Year logo design brought to you by IBA Mexico President Marco Almaraz.

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