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10/10ths Application

© 2000, Iron Butt Association, Chicago, Illinois

The 10/10ths certification recognizes a ride of 10,000 or more miles in 10 days.

Before you can apply for a 10/10ths certification (10,000 or more miles in 10 days), you must have at least completed one of the following; a Bun-Burner GOLD, a SaddleSore 2000, the Alberta 2000, Capitol 1000, Nevada 1100, Minnesota 1000, TimberButt, Tarbutt Rally, Utah 1088, any Cognoscente Group event, any Reno BMW Long Distance Event, any MERA event, or the Iron Butt Rally. Other 24 and 36 hour rallies qualify. Their omission here is not intentional, it is just not possible to list all qualifying rallies. If you are unsure if a rally you finished is acceptable, please contact Michael Kneebone.

As this is an advanced ride, this is a certification program only (certificate only) and does NOT include a pin or plate back as it is assumed you have these items by now. Additionally, before attempting the 10/10ths, you must be familiar with the general documentation rules for Iron Butt Association certifications. The best resource for that would be a SaddleSore 1000 application. The SaddleSore application is located at You must also be aware of your odometer error. Even a small 2% error becomes critical on a ride of this magnitude, adding 200 miles to your required odometer reading. Finally, you must assess your risk. As outlined in the SaddleSore 1000 application, if riding a motorcycle 1 miles is X times the risk, and a SaddleSore is 1000x times the risk, than the 10/10ths is 10,000x the risk of a one mile ride! Do not underestimate the difficulty of the riding so many miles in so little time.

Generally speaking, documents that should be provided are:

1. Witness forms. We absolutely require a start and end witness form, but along the way, we recommend you obtain additional witness. For example, if you are riding the USA Four Corners Tour at the same time, a witness for each corner of the country would help enforce your claim that you did the miles claimed. Another good time to snag a witness is during any repairs, tire changes or oil changes you might make during the ride.

2. Records. You must keep a log of all gas stops and all gas receipts. Keep in mind that we have taken this ride, so we realize that this is a massive undertaking (both riding and record keeping!). There are two types of receipts, one that proves you really went to your location and the other is more supportive and therefore less critical. While you do not want to lose ANY receipt, the loss of one that is along your main route is not critical to our verification process. If you should lose a receipt, or could not get one in the middle of Nevada at 2 a.m., please document the situation in written form on your application.

Other records we want are: motel receipts, repair records and toll receipts. Obviously, any additional records that boost your claim are acceptable.

3. Application form. The following form lays out other information we need.

                    EYEWITNESS FORM for START of RIDE

Date: ______________________            Local Time:______________ AM/PM

License Number: ____________            Odometer Reading: _______ Miles
License State:  ____________            Make & Model: ___________

This witness form is for:    _____________________________            


                             (Riders Name and address)    

The location of this stop is: ________________________________________            




              First Witness (Please Print)  Second (optional) Witness

Witness Name: ___________________________   ___________________________

Address:      ___________________________   ___________________________

              ___________________________   ___________________________

              ___________________________   ___________________________

Phone:        ___________________________   ___________________________
(Note: Obtaining a phone number where we can contact your eyewitnesses
       will speed up the issuing of your award)

Signature:    ___________________________   ___________________________

EYEWITNESS FORM for END of RIDE Date: ______________________ Local Time:______________ AM/PM License Number: ____________ Odometer Reading: _______ Miles (Kilometers) License State: ____________ Make & Model: ___________ ___________ This witness form is for: _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ (Riders Name and address) The location of this stop is: ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ First Witness (Please Print) Second (optional) Witness Witness Name: ___________________________ ___________________________ Address: ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ Phone: ___________________________ ___________________________ (Note: Obtaining a phone number where we can contact your eyewitnesses will speed up the issuing of your award) Signature: ___________________________ ___________________________
LOG (ONE LOG SHEET PER CALENDAR DAY!) 10/10ths: __________________________________________________ (Fill in Name above) DATE TIME LOCATION ODOMETER READING (include zone) _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

Checklist of documents needed for 10/10ths certifications:

___ Copies of Witness forms (starting and ending, others)

___ Copies of Receipts (do not send originals!)

___ Map (may be photocopy) showing route with towns stopped in circled

___ Explanation of any problems encountered, for example, "In central
    Illinois, at my third gas stop, I was unable to get a dated 
    receipt.  I asked the attendant to sign his name on the back
    but he refused to do so. The phone number of the station is
    (555) 555-1212 - he will verify that I was there at 10 a.m. 
    on August 4, 2001."

Also, please complete the following information for your certificate
(it goes to the person that does the certificate and not the verification 


Please use the following fee schedule to calculate the cost of awards: 

10/10ths certification (certificate only!)                     $100.00

If you have completed both the 10/10ths and
Bun-Burner 1500 GOLD or other advanced certification
on this same ride, there are some savings 
for us in postage and administrative costs that we can 
pass on to you. 

Additional certification (Bun-Burner GOLD, 100ccc, etc)         $15.00 each

Additional COPY of certificate 
(for example, an extra 10/10ths certificate)                    $ 4.00

Total Enclosed:                                            ____________

DO NOT SEND CASH!  If you are from a country outside the United States
please write for alternate methods of payment!

Have you ever completed an Iron Butt Association ride before? ________

Address to mail certificates to:





Contact phone number(s), best time to reach you: 



If you have one, your e-mail address: ___________________________

Name you want on certificate: ___________________________________ 
(for example, Jonathan J. Smith, SR or John Smith)

Your age (only used for statistics): _________

Circle One (only used for statistics):  Male   Female

Did you do this ride with anyone else?  Y/N  If so, who:


Date of start:  ___________________  (for example, January 5, 2001)

Motorcycle make/model ridden: _______________________________
Note: this is used on your certificate.  For example, do you want 
us to list your Honda Gold Wing as a Honda GL1500 or do you want
us to list it as a Honda Gold Wing.  You may also include a 
model year if you want, for example; 1993 Honda Gold Wing.

Miles Ridden according to your odometer: _______________________
Note: These will probably be changed by the verification team.

If you used a GPS (Global Positioning Device) and noted your
mileage, please enter that reading here: _______________________

Cities/towns your route included:

NOTE: The following is used only for the people that do the certificates 
to make them more understandable. Try and answer the following questions
to make your certificate reflect your ride. 

Sample wording of a 10/10ths Certificate (please keep this format
in mind as you answer the following questions):

This  is  to  Certify that in July of  2000,  Jone Jones
conquered  the  Iron  Butt Association's  10/10ths  Challenge  by
riding  a Harley-Davidson FXRT a total of 11,223 miles in  eleven
days.  Mr Jones' amazing  ride  started in Eau Claire, Wisconsin  
continued  onto Portland, Oregon, back to Wisconsin, then onto 
San Diego, California and Jacksonville, Florida  before ending in 
Janesville, Wisconsin.

Name of start city: ______________________________________
Note: for the **certificate** you may substitute a large city nearby 
if you want); for example, if you start in DesPlaines, Illinois,
(a suburb of Chicago), it is acceptable to put Chicago as the starting 
point for the certificate.

Name of end city:  ________________________
Note: Same rules apply to these cities as noted above.

Your certificate will highlight up to three cities as midpoints.
Please list UP TO THREE cities that helps highlight your route for your 
certificate OR a brief description, such as "in a circular route 
around the United States"




Note: Some of these cities may be listed on your certificate and the 
same rules apply to these cities as noted above.  For example, we
might want to say, Jerry Jones started in New York, New York continued 
onto Daytona Beach, Florida before ending her ride in Little Rock, 

Please note that this is only an attempt to make your certificate more
readable - do not stop 60 miles short of Los Angeles and expect us
to create a certificate that reads Los Angeles.  This is to make the 
certificates more readable so that when you display them, your riding
friends will better grasp the immense ride you took.

Finally, you must certify that what you are telling us is accurate:

I (print name): _____________________________, hereby certify that the 
statements in this application for certification are true to the best 
of my knowledge and belief.  

Signed: _________________________  Date: ___________

Send the package, along with a check for US funds to (PLEASE DO NOT 

Iron Butt Association
P.O. Box 9450
Naperville, IL 60567-9450

DO NOT send CASH!  Please contact if you are from
outside of North America and need alternate means of payment!

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