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Iron Butt Association Recognition Award

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IBA Recognition Award

This award was created to acknowledge and publicly thank someone who made an extraordinary effort to help an IBA rider.

One of the most memorable events of long distance riding is sharing in the determination and efforts of a rider who overcomes adversity and problems during their journey. Natural challenges, and mechanical problems face all riders at one time or another. The creativity, and actions of the rider in a given situations provides great testament to the long distance rider's inner spirit. Throughout these stories are the times when help from an unexpected source provides such a unique effort, that it deserves special recognition.

There are many stories of a kind act, helping hand, or courtesy that has helped a rider. But the IBA seeks to acknowledge the rare occasion when someone comes forward to provide an extraordinary amount of personal effort to help and assist. The Iron Butt Association uses this award to formally and publicly recognize this person and their contribution on behalf of the IBA membership. It is also a way for the rider to put some effort in providing a "thank you" with the support of the entire of the long distance riding community.

If you are an IBA member and believe you have experienced this extraordinary type of help and event, then follow the process as outlined below.

The rider needs to:

* Write up the event as it happened, providing as much detail as possible.
* List 2 witnesses and their contact information.
* Provide contact information for the nominee.
* Put all this in an envelope with $20, and send to:

IBA Recognition Award
%Paul Meredith
2917 Penitencia Creek Road
San Jose, CA 95132 USA

The IBA will contact the witnesses, possibly the nominee, and possibly others as necessary. The IBA will internally review the nomination with numerous staff and IBA members.

Remember, this nomination will be under very close review and is expected to truly be an effort that the long distance riding community would view as "extraordinary". These awards represent the pride and gratitude of the IBA membership.

If accepted, a certificate will be mailed to the rider (submitter). It is expected this person will arrange a presentation to the nominee and provide an invitation to other IBA members so they may attend. The type and format of a presentation has not been formalized, but this should be a special event that reflects the high honor and gratitude of the Iron Butt Association. It is also expected that other IBA members attend and reinforce the community aspect of this presentation.

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